Pink Velvet

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Dress your girls into top trends from Pink Velvet clothing. From back-to-school outfits, to the perfect birthday-party wear, pink clothes complete any look! Your little lady can find cozy joggers, adorable zip-ups, and stylish jeans to fill her wardrobe. Joggers are perfect for active moving, hip-hop dancing, or hanging out in comfort. Zip-up sweaters keep out the cold while dressing up her style. And everyone knows jeans complete any outfit! From sequined knees to faded accents, pink velvet jeans pair well with graphic tees, flowy blouses, and soft sweatshirts. Dress her like a queen in fun, girly flair she’ll love from Kid City.

Find pink clothing to help your gal dress like a rockstar. At Kid City, we want your girls dressed as cute as you do. Shop top quality girls clothing from Pink Velvet at Kid City!